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Achankovil Temple

Achankovil Temple is in the Kollam district and is in Kerala border. Infront of the temple we can see Achancovil river. Achankovil is an important Hindu pilgrim centre and the famous Sastha temple here is situated amidst thick forest. It is very much important among the sastha temples in Kerala. The presiding deity of this temple is Lord Ayyappa. It is said that the installation of the idol of Sastha have been installed several centuries before the Christian Era by Lord Parasurama himself. Achencovil temple is almost above 950 mtrs height from the sea level. Achankovil Shastha Temple, or the Dharmasastha Temple, is one among the five important temples dedicated to Lord Ayyappa in Kerala. Lord Ayyappa leads the Grihastha Ashrama life here - he is depicted as a family man or leads married life here. He is depicted along with his two wives Purna and Pushkala. It is believed that the idol here was installed by Lord Parashurama. Lord parasurama got the Darshan From the God Ayyappa, leads to the creation of this Temple which is named as Satha Kovil temple .The Idol of Ayyappa at this Sastha Temble is known as Rudraksha sila Which Believed to be made with ruthrakshas and this Idol is believed to be having Miraculous Properties with its sandal paste Especially snake venom is believed to be cured with that sandal paste from the hand of lord Ayyappa. The Achankovil Sastha Temple is famous for curing poisonous snake bites. The left hand of the idol of Ayyappa at Achankoil Shastha Temple always holds Chandan (sandalwood paste) and Thirtha (holy water). The Chandan and Thirtha are considered to have medicinal properties to cure snake bites. Here Lord Ayyappa is in the form of Grihasthasrami. Lord is sitting along with his two wives Poorna and Pushkkala.The temple is surrounded by a big wall,it is meant to prevent wild animals entering inside the temple. The temple complex also contains other deities associated with the Ayyappa legend. The festivals and rituals held here have strong Tamil roots. During the Sabarimala pilgrimage, devotees also visit this temple to offer their prayers.

Location : Achankovil Sastha Temple, Achankovil, Kollam, Kerala, India.

Gods : Lord Ayyappa

Landmark : There are bus services from Punalur and Chengottai to reach the temple. Also there are private services from Konni, Aryankavu etc. At 55 kms From Trivandrum on the Famous MC road, this Achenkovil Sastha Temple can be Accessed through Kottarakkara also, which is about 17 Kms. And it also Can be Accessed through Tenkasi from the State of Tamilnadu.

Festivals :

The Temple Celebrate two festivals in a Calender year which is all together coming in a four months perios which ranges from Decembner to February, Generally the December - January Perios of the calender year celebrate the Mandala Pooja where as Ravathi will be held at the season starting from January-February. Achenkovil Sastha temple Allows the Females Aged above 18 to climp the 18 holy steps, where as its not allowed to them in the other famous ayyappa temples at Sabarimala and Aariyangavu.
The Nagadevatha near to this Ayyappa Deity is a Famous one where as Amman Kaavu which famous for its prayers towards the blessing of Children needs, these places recive a lot of visitors around the year.
Famous Achankovil River is passing very near to this Sastha Temple,as well a number of teak and Rubber Plantations are also Surrounds this Temple Area.

Offerings :

Pushpabhiskekam, Chandan (sandalwood paste) and Thirtha (holy water), thse are considered to have medicinal properties to cure snake bites.

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