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Annur Sree Mahavishnu Temple

Annur Sree Mahavishnu Temple is an ancient Hindu shrine devoted to Lord Narayana . The name Annur is said to have been derived from the word Ann which means Vishnu, who is the presiding deity of this temple. Annur is considered the sacred abode of Lord Mahavishnu who promptly answers the prayers of his devotees who have true faith and devotion towards him. The temple situated at Annur Village is 3.5 kms from Payyanur Town. The temple finds mention in the ancient folk lores which are a part of the oral history of that region. The name of the temple also finds place in the Thottam Pattu of various Theyyams pertaining to that place.

Location : Annur Sree Mahavishnu Temple, Payyanur, Kerala.

Gods : Mahavishnu

Landmark : Airport : The nearest airport is the Mangalore and Calicut Airport. Railways : The nearest railways station is the Payyanur and Kannur Railway Stations. Road : Bus services are available from Payyanur to places like Calicut and Munnnar through roadways.

Festivals :

The THIRUVONA MAHOSTAVAM celebrated in the Malayalam month of Virchigam, Prathishta Dina Mahostavam (Makara Masam 27), Sri Krishna Jayanthi – Navarathri , Ramayana Masacharanam, Maha Shivarathri, Aadyathmika Prabashanam, Bagavatha Sapthaham, Gita Yatnam at some of the festivals that are celebrated in the temple.

Offerings :

The Nivedyam of Payasam in a cauldron (Valiya Vattalam) is the most important among the various offerings to the deity. The thiruprasadam is believed to have relieved many people of their afflictions.

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