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Gopalakrishna Temple,kasargode

One of the oldest temple in Kerala with Santhanagopalakrishna as the presiding deity, the famous Sree Gopalakrishna temple lies at a distance of 12kms north of Kasargod in Kumbla. Believed to be 400 years old, this temple has been built in honour of Lord Krishna who had destroyed the demon Kamsha to the relief of mankind. The temple belongs to Bhakta family and the idol of the deity is seen holding a baby in the hands as if to be handed over to the devotee. Apart from the main deity, the temple also houses deities of Benne Krishna, Kalingamardana, Hanuman, Garuda and Mahaganapati. Kanipura Sri Gopalakrishna Temple at Kumble is an ancient[clarification needed] temple and is situated eight miles due north of Kasaragod town. According to local religious beliefs, the Krishnashila Idol of the Lord Bala Gopalkrishna, having the features of a child, which was worshipped by Lord Krishnas foster mother Yashoda, is believed to have been presented by the almighty Lord Krishna himself to the sage Kanva Maharshi in Dwaparayuga, who in turn installed the same at its present location where the temple exists. Historical records state that in the 10th Century, the Temple was renovated by King Jayasimha of Kadamba Danasty, whose capital was Kumbla and even the administration of his Kingdom was being done in the name of Kanipura Sri Gopalkrishna. The coronation of Kumbla Rajas was being solemnized at Kanipura Sri Gopalkrishna Temple. It is stated that Sri Gopalkrishna Temple has the sanctity of over three Yugas of Treta, Dwapara and Kali Yug. The temple was established by Maharshi Kanwa. Believers ascribe to the temple the same sanctity and holiness as that of Sri Krishna Temple at Guruvayoor and also to that of Sri Krishna Temple situated at Udupi in Karnataka. Several Lakhs of Devotees offer prayers at the Temple regularly.

Location : Shri Gopala Krishna Temple, Edapally - Panvel Hwy, Kumbla (Kumble), Kerala 671321

Gods : Bala Gopalkrishna

Landmark : Kanipura Sri Gopalakrishna Temple Situated about two hundred meters off Kumbla junction on the eastern side of the National Highway the temple is well-connected by road and railway ( nearest is kumbla railway station). the Kumbla river is the nearest river and the Lakshadweep sea is hardly half-a-kilometer west of the temple. Facilities for stay are available at Kumbla.

Festivals :

The festival at the Kumbla temple which lasts five days every year commences with Dhwaja Arohanam on the Makara Sankramana day every year. The festival comes to an end with the idol coming back after being dipped in the pond about three kilometers from the temple premises and the holy flag (Kodi) coming down. Popularly known as 'Kumble Bedi', because of the display of crackers done in front of the idol. The idol is sat on the Banyan tree platform and the display extends to almost one and half hours. People from different parts of north Kerala and South Canara assemble for the festival. 'Bali' is the typical way of carrying the idol overhead of a poojary. Who goes around the temple with the idol decorated with flower and ornaments which is never to be too light. The poojary moves as per the taala of chendamelam and vadyam. First he moves with one of his hands supporting the idol on his head and the other hand swinging.In the end he removes the support and moves quickly around the temple.

Offerings :

Special pooja :- Ranga pooja
 There are about 41 items of uazhipaats in the temple including ranga pooja( rate Rs. 1400). Of these the most famous is paal-paayasam. Though as per sankalpam, the deity is navaneethamoorththy (who loves butter) no offering of butter is seen in the list of uazhipaats. For each subsidiary deity, separate list of uazhipaats are available. All the deities are considered very powerful as they are believed to fulfill the desires of devotees.

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