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Kadalayi Temple

Kadalayi Sreekrishna Temple, renowned as The Guruvayoor of Notrh Kerala attracts hundreds of devotees from far and near. The temple, famous for its antiquity and holiness, is situated at Chirakkal, a village 6 north of Kannur in Kannur District, Kerala. Legend has it that the idol consecrated here is the very idol worshipped at Dwaraka by Sathyabhama, Lord Krishnas Consort. Centuries after, the Kolathiri King ruling over Kannur and neighbouring areas was divinely blessed with the possession of the self-same idol. He built a temple at Kadalayi, a village about 6 kms south of Kannur and consecrated the idol. With the passage of time, the temple became dilapidated. A new temple was later built at Chirakkal and the idol re-concecrated. This is the myth regarding the origin of this famous temple. A Swarna Prasnam was conducted at the temple in 2005 under the auspices of the Naveekarana Kalasa Committee constituted as per the orders of the Commissioner, H.R. & C.E. Department. The astrologers advised the performance of Naveekarana Kalasam and many other rectification/purification steps including the protection of the idol by a Panchaloha covering (Panchaloha golaka). The Panchaloha covering of the idol and Naveekarana Kalasam are scheduled to be conducted from 9th to 21st February 2008 (26th Makaram to 8th Kumbham 1183). This venture calls for a huge financial outlay.

Location : Kadalayi Sree krishna Temple, Chirakkal, Kannur, Kerala - 670011.

Gods : Lord Vishnu

Landmark : By road : The temple is situated 500m away from Puthiyatheru, the busy market place of Chirakkal, which stands on NH 17 about 6 km (3.7 mi) north of Kannur and 18 km (11 mi) south of Taliparamba. By rail : The nearest major railway station where all trains stop is Kannur on Kozhikode-Kannur sector of the Southern Railway. By air : The nearest airport is Kozhikode Airport.

Festivals :

The annual festival of the temple is from 15th Makaram to 22nd Makaram. (This falls during the last week of January and the first week of February.) The hosting of the holy flag (Kotiyettam) is on Makaram 15 and holy immersion of the idol (Aratt) which marks the end of the festival is on Makaram 22nd.
Other holy celebrations of Ashtami Rohini, Guruvayoor Ekadashi, and the Mandala Pooja also celebrated in a holy manner with Bhajans, religious discourses, niramal, Chuttovilakkuetc.

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