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Malliyoor Sree Maha Ganapathy Temple

The Malliyoor Sree MahaGanapathy Temple in Kottayam district, Kerala is the sacred abode of the all - encompassing divine presence of Lord Ganesha and also a coveted destination of lakhs of pilgrims from all over India. The endearing elephant - headed Lord Ganesha, the son of Siva and Parvathy, enjoys prime place among all the gods in the Hindu pantheon. He is Parabrahma incarnate, the God of Wisdom and Learning, the Remover of all Obstacles and is worshipped first, any other god. The Malliyoor Sree MahaGanapathy Temple is in comparable in the conception of the presiding deity as Vaishnava Ganapathy, with a young Sree Krishna seated on the lap of Lord Ganesha. This unique and powerful infusion of the Vaishnava spirit in the Ganesha idol is the supreme achievement of the devoted penance of the much-revered main priest of the temple, Brahmasree Bhagavathahamsam Malliyoor Sankaran Nampoothiri. Today thousand of devotees flock to the feet of Vasihnava Ganapthy at Malliyoor seeking eternal salvation form the bonds of Karama and solace from the evils of Kaliyuga. The Malliyoor Maha Ganapathy Temple is believed to have come into existence much before the Perumals exercised their sway over the southern peninsula. The pre-Perumal historical records have many references to the importance of this place of worship. The deity here is conceptualised as Beeja Ganapathi, the trunk twisted rightward and carries on its tip a lemon, the hands hold an axe, a rope, a horn and a laddu, cradling little Sree Krishna in his lap. The Vaishnava spirit permeates the entire atmosphere. The story goes that a deeply devout and saintly Brahmin brought the idol over here from an unidentified and unspecified pilgrim centre some where in the North, centuries back. The family-deities Anthimahakalan and Yakshi worshipped by the once-powerful administrators of the temple also find a place inside the temple complex. The temple is jointly administrated by two families, the Aryappally mana and Vadakkedam Mana. In course of time the two families were merged to Malliyoor and the Temple when went through a period of misfortune and penury, the Malliyoor family bearing a brunt of it. But they worshipped Lord Ganapathy with unwavering devotion even when the temple was without a root over the sanctum sanctorum and the family having a hand to mouth extensive.

Location : Malliyoor Sree Maha Ganapathy Temple, Manjoor, Kuruppanthara, Kottayam, Kerala, India.

Gods : Vaishnava Ganapathy, Bhagavathy, Ayyappa, Aya Yakshi, Brahma Rakshas, Anthimahakalan

Landmark : To reach Malliyoor temple by bus, alight Kuruppanthara Junction in Kottayam - Ernakulam Road, (MC Road). Temple is 2 km away from the Junction. To reach Malliyoor temple by road, Turn (right From EKM-KTM and left from KTM-EKM route) at Kuruppanthara Junction in Kottayam - Ernakulam Road, (MC Road). From there follow the indications for the temple. Temple is 2 km away from the Junction. To reach Malliyoor temple by train, alight Kuruppanthara station in Kottayam - Ernakulam route. Temple is 0.5 km away from this station .

Festivals :

The eight day long Thiruvutsavam is one of the main attractions of Malliyur temple and every year it concludes on the Vishu day with a colorful aarattu. The Aarattu takes place by taking out a colorful procession in the accompaniment of caparisoned elephants to Subramanya Swami temple at Eravimangalam, a kilometer away from the temple. During the Thiruvutsavam festival devotees can offer Utsava Bali and Sribhuta Bali for 6 days at a stretch.
Vinayaka Chathurthi in Chingam (August-September) is the main festival. On that day Sahasrashtathika (1008) Ashtadravya Maha Ganapathy Homam and Gaja pooja will be performed. The 8 day long annual utsavam is in Meenam (March-April). The arattu is done in the pond of Iravimangalam Subrahmanya Swami temple. The birthday of Brahmasree Malliyoor Shankaran Namboothiri is celebrated in the month of Makaram (January-February) in a grand style. In the previous years his birthdays were celebrated in connection with Ekona Satha Krathu Sapthaha Yajnam, Maha Samrajya Pattabhishekam, Sreemad Bhagavatha Parishad etc. Ashtamirohini, Navarathri, Mandalam Chirappu, Ganesha Music Festival, Vishu, Monthly Bhagavatha Sapthaha Yajnam are the other important festivals here.

Offerings :

Ganapathy Homam (for removal of obstacles), Mukkutti Pushpanjali (for the achievement of one's desires), Aayiram kudam abhishekam (for the prosperity of the family), Palppayasam (for the welfare of the children and for those who do not have children and this offering is made to Vishnu), Thadi nivedyam (for the curing of deceases), Pazhamala - garland made of bananas (for getting good marriage proposals), Udayasthamaya pooja, Chathurthiyoottu, Unniyappam, Modakam and Karukamala are the main offerings here. Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays are auspicious days.

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