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Mithranandapuram Vamanamoorthy Temple

Mithranandapuram Vamanamoorthy Temple is a Hindu temple situated in Cherpu of Thrissur District of Kerala, India. According to the legends, the idol worshiped here is more than 1,500 years old.Mahabali, the king of the Daityas or Asuras, i.e., demons in the Treta Yuga, reached the zenith of power and fame. He owed his tremendous success and prosperity in life to his observance of an austere and virtuous lifestyle. He performed many ritual sacrifices or Yajna to consolidate his sway over the three worlds of the universe (Heaven, Earth and Underworld). Lord Vamana has blessed king Sri Mahabali on his request for three feet of mud; the mood of the deity in the temple is that of blessing the king Mahabali. Vishnu was immensely pleased with the goodness of Mahabali. He educated Bali about the demerits of pride and arrogance, which forbids man from optimum progress. He allowed Mahabali to take shelter in the Paradise of the sacred abode, where lived the pure Prahlada. MahaVishnu further blessed Mahabali, that he would be the ruler of the earth in the following age or Yuga. Those who sacrifice themselves in the lotus feet of the deity get his blessings.

Location : Mullukkara, Chenam - Mullakkara Road, Cherpu, Thrissur, Kerala 680561

Gods : Vamanamoorthy

Landmark : Get down at Perumbillissery Centre from the bus and walk less than 0.5 km west to reach the temple

Festivals :

The main festival of the temple is Sampoorna Yajurveda Yajna or Othu Kottu.

Offerings :

Pushpanjali using veda mantras






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