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Panayil Ganapathy Temple

Around 150 years ago, Sri. NarayanaPanickar, who was heading the family had total blessings of Lord Yogeeswaran. One day he had a Devine-intuition, in which he was asked to have the consecration oflord Ganapathy also in the temple. Based on this intuition, he travelled north and he got an idol of “BalaGanapathy”, which was consecrated along with other deities, during the occasion when he was possessed with the blessing of Yogeeswaran. Since the consecration was done in the Farm Lands (“Pana”), the temple was known as “PanayilGanapathy Temple”. when Sri.NarayanaPanickar was in possession of lord Yogeeswaran’s blessings, the devotees pleaded that their “Ponkala” be anointed. He said that he shall anoint the “Ponkala” by wearing a red hot Elephant Chain from the flames as “Poonool” (Brahmins string, wore across the shoulder), and did so on the next day. The devotees, who watched this were horrified with this act, and many of them fainted. On this instance, it was decided that only the anointing of the “Ponkala” will be done, without wearing the red hot elephant chain. Thus the “Ponkala” was started in the PanayilGanapathy Temple.

Location : Panayil Ganapathy Temple, Aryankuzhi, Kamaleswram, Manacaud PO, Trivandrum Email:, Face book:

Gods : Ganapathy

Landmark : Aryankuzhi, Kamaleswaram, Manacaud PO, Near Attukal Bhagavathy Temple

Festivals :

The 3 days festival is celebratedduring the month of Makaram- (VeluthaPaksham) (January–February). VinayakaChathurthiis celebrated with “Pushpabhishekam”.

Offerings :

The unique and main offering to the deity is breaking coconuts. Paranirakkal (Rice, Pori (Malaru), Turmeric and Jaggery) for fulfillment of any desire or for removal of obstacles. UdayasthamayaPooja: (From 05:15 am to 9:45 am and from 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm) for fulfillment of any wish

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