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Sri Chinakkathoor Bhagavathy Temple,Palakkad

The temple is one of the oldest Devi temples situated in Palappuram in Ottapalam Taluk. There are two sancta sanctorum (sreekovil) in the temple which is endowed with the presence of goddess Bhadrakali, namely thazhathe kaavu (lower shrine) and mele kaavu (upper shrine). Mamankam. (Mahamagham/Jubily) used to be praised once in twelve years on Makam day. In the old circumstances Perumal rulers were the specialist of this function. After the takeoff of last Perumal, the administration was taken by valluvanad King. Till twelfth century Valluvanad Kings were responsible for this celebration which was commended in Thirunavaya, the stream bank of Perar. Lord Zamorin of Kozhikkode vanquished Valluvanad King (Valluvakkonathiri) and caught the administration of Mamankam. Every single neighbourhood ruler and masters comprising war troops could take an interest in this celebration which would be praised for 28 days. Mr. William Loagan, who was the Collector of British Malabar, says that the last Mamankam was held in 1743. A suicide squad of Valluvanad comprising four rich warriors could challenge Zamorin for a war. Zamorin would sit in the War remain with the backup of 40,000 Nair Troops. Suicide squad having a place with the four families in particular Chenthrattil Panicker, Verkkottil panicker, Puthumana Panicker and Kolkkat Panicker who were the Nair chieftains would be prepared to battle against Zamorin's troop of Mamankam gallant and brilliant individuals of Valluvanad needed to play out their undying hunger for flexibility and fulfillment of making an insubordination to Zamorin. They realized that they would not come back to their families. A huge number of doomed contenders of Valluvnad had lost their lives amid this celebration. Logan has outlined the Mamankam and the method for taking care of the general population by Zamorin which proceeded from twelfth century to eighteenth century in Malabar. He has additionally cited the expressions of Mr.Hamilton (New Account Page 306-308) about the stark substances occurred in the past period. In the Horseplay of Chinakkathoor, the name of fundamental stallion is Zamorin (Pandaarakuthira). They are controlling the war-like play of Horses. It is seen that there is a Horse to be specific Kochi Raja partaking in the Horseplay of Chinakkathoor.There were perpetual fights between the Kings of Kerala from twelfth century to eighteenth century. In any case, at any rate it might be noticed that Zamorin was the whole specialist of temple festivities in Malabar and furthermore in Kerala.

Location : Chinakkathoor Bhagavathy Temple, Palappuram, Ottapalam, Palakkad, Kerala - 679301.

Gods : Durga

Landmark : The nearest bus stop is Palappuram. The nearest railway station is Parli Railway Station. The nearest airport is Coimbatore Airport.

Festivals :

The famous Chinakkathur Temple and its festival (known as Chinakkathur pooram) held every year during February/March at the famous Chinakkattoorkkavu Temple of Goddess Durga.

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