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Sri Chirakkakavu Bhagavthi Temple

Sree Chirakkakavu Bhagavathi Temple is one of the oldest Devi Temples in North Kerala.The presiding deity of this temple is the goddess Kaali, who is worshipped in three forms, or Thrigunaathmika. The temple was built by the king of Kolathiri- Chirakkkal Raja after the swayambhoo of the goddess in Koduvally River, and so became renowned as Sree Chirakkakavu.According to established belief, the goddess Kaali appeared in the azhimugham of Vamal with her parivaras(retinue), in the palace where the river meets the sea. She assumed the form of a divine fish. The place is now known as Vamal, the Sree Moolasthana of Sree Chirakkakavu Bhagavathi.Chiirakkal Raja visited the palace and bowed to the goddess. The king then built the temple on top of Illikkunnu, believed to be the thapovan of an earlier era. The temple is surrounded by kavu or groves of trees.

Location : Sri Chirakkakavu Bhagavathi Temple, Illikkunnu, Mannayad, 670105, Koduvally, Thalassery, Kerala 670104

Gods : Bhagavathy

Landmark : Sri Chirakkakavu Bhagavathi Temple, Illikkunnu, Mannayad, Koduvally, Thalassery,

Festivals :

The temple festival is celebrated every year on days 9-12 of the month of medaom which usually falls on April 22 to 25th.

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